Show #259 - Keeping It Low

7 years ago

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Throwback Thursday - 1:20

I can't return that smash!

Last #PQOTD - 3:07

Should Boosting be allowed?

#PQOTD - 6:51

Is there a better name for a 'Modern Defender'... Jeff suggested 'Attacking Defender'. What do you think?

This Day in History - 7:24


Keeping It Low With Penhold - 8:53

Dominic: I'm a pen holder and I struggle to send and return the ball low over the net do you have any tips and/or tricks to help me improve?

Gionis' Low Flying Shot - 10:34

David: Gionis on his forehand sometimes can't use a smash or a topspin, he does not go for a forehand chop like other modern defenders, but instead he just holds his bat very flat and hits the ball back from a low position. What is special about this?

Weight Training and Fine Motor Skills - 13:18

Roneil: While researching I came across a comment that training with weights that have mass significant relative to your bodyweight can cause a decrease in fine motor skills. Have you any knowledge or experience with regards to this?

Top Spin - 14:32

Baseer: What is top spin?

Playing Topspin in Competitive Matches - 17:20

Dieter: If we are still practicing topspin on deep balls and try integrating it into our competitive game, should we wait until we get a good opportunity?

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