Show #258 - Wider Angles

8 years ago

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Drill of the week - 1:25

Random in Backhand ⅔ of the table

Last #PQOTD - 4:13

What is better, playing as a defender or an attacker?

#PQOTD - 6:11

Should Boosting be allowed?

On This Day - 6:35

Table Tennis Birthdays

Reset Hops - 9:16

Ilia: I have a question about "reset hops" between shots that help to move. So after I make a shot, should I jump once before moving to next position, or it is better to make more smaller hops?

Playing Angles - 11:31

Tam: Hi Alois whenever I am playing a match or training I can only hit the players 'power pockets' and not the wide backhand and forehand is there a technique to getting the ball wider to the opponent's wide forehand and backhand?

Backhand Problems - 15:50

Tristan: This might be a little simple but in my training lately, my backhand is lacking terribly. It seems like no matter how much i understand how to do the backhand i can't execute it. It is really frustrating when i know whats wrong and still can't do.

Pendulum Serve Into the Net - 18:03

Matthew: Please help my pendulum either hits the net or does not go over. I can hit it sometimes but not often.

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