Show #257 - Closing Out a Match

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:06

Is Ma Long the overwhelming favourite for the Olympics or will a dark horse get up and win the title?

#PQOTD - 3:27 

What is better, playing as a defender or an attacker?

On This Day - 3:50

Jet Li and William Shakespeare were born

Technique Tuesday - 5:09

Chopping technique

Closing a Match - 8:19

Grenville: In a particular match  when I was up 2-0 and on match point ( 10 -7 ) , I actually lost the match 2-3 and I wanted to know what should be a players thoughts when they are approaching the win.

Blocking Around the Net Shot - 13:26

Carl: If someone is hitting an around the net shot, and once it crosses the net but still isn't over the table, you put your bat outside of the table, preventing the ball from bouncing back on your side of the table. Who wins the point?

Missing the Ball - 16:40

Daniel: I miss the ball often on my forehand and backhand. I think it might be that I'm moving my bat up too fast or not pushing forward enough. I was wondering what I could do to prevent missing the ball so much?

Links in this Episode

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