Show #255 - Olympic Qualification Results

7 years ago

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This Day in History - 2:01

Louis Pasteur begin tests of Pasteurization

Last #PQOTD - 2:55

What percentage SHOULD you serve short and and what percentage should you serve long? What percentages do you ACTUALLY serve short and long?

Asian & European Olympic Qualification Events - 6:28

We discuss the important results and let you know who has qualified for Rio.

#PQOTD - 13:50

Can Liu Shiwen recover from her loss in the first Qualification process to win the Olympic Gold medal?

Sweat Balls - 15:00

Gavin: My son keeps coming up against a couple of people that continually serve a sweat ball, and amazingly seem to do it when they are losing. They hit a flat serve so it goes on the table. They say it is by 'accident' but refuse to replay the point.

Modern Timing - 17:32

Conrad: I have observed that the newer generation of world class players are being coached to take the ball much earlier and closer to the table. What are your thoughts?

Purpose of Reverse Pendulum - 19:24

Dieter: I wonder why the reverse pendulum exists? If you want that kind of spin, why not simply use the backhand sidespin serve? There is more wrist flexibility on the backhand for that kind of sidespin, and you're in a ready position sooner.

Drill of the Week - 21:36

Switching Duel

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