Show #254 - Improving Your Serve

8 years ago

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European Olympic Qualification - 1:26

The tournament is in full swing

Drill of the Week - 4:37

Serving Practice

Last #PQOTD - 7:04

What is your favourite sport apart from Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 10:27

What percentage SHOULD you serve short and and what percentage should you serve long? What percentages do you ACTUALLY serve short and long?

On This Day - 10:58

Alois doesn't really know what happened!?!

Missing Serves - 12:53

Jesus: I am missing too many serves in matches. I am afraid of make an easy service to the opponent and I take risks. I receive several flicks. I miss more in the first set and less in the others. What can I do mentally, tactically and in training?

Quality of Practice Partners - 14:51

Muhammad: Can I improve my game by playing with a partner who has the level of game almost similar to me, or is it necessary to have someone who is better than you to improve? Me and my partner use your videos as our guide and coach.

Accuracy Practice - 17:57

Timmy: What is a good way for me to practice hitting the ball in the same spot while training, or just simply getting better control of the ball? Usually the ball just flies anywhere on the table without me being able to control it very well.

Streaming at Night - 20:04

Eternity Deluxe: Guys its been a long time you have streamed in the night! I understand when you stream you stream at 5.30 in the morning. But in Singapore its 3.30. So i hope you guys can return to streaming in night. I just changed my channel name.

Bats from Sports Stores - 22:13

Liam: Buying a bat from Rebel Sport, what's your opinion?

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