Show #253 - North American Olympic Qualification

6 years ago

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North American Olympic Qualification - 1:07

History is made as the first ever athlete born in the 2000's qualifies for Rio.

Last #PQOTD - 6:40

Who is your favourite European Mens and womens player?

#PQOTD - 8:38

What is your favourite sport apart from Table Tennis?

Technique Tuesday - 8:59

 Forehand Block

On This Day - 12:34

Liu Shiwen was born in 1991

Adjusting to Different Opponents - 13:21

Ilia: When I play person A, whose pushes are heavy, I can loop them consistently. When I play person B right after, I keep hitting off the end because his pushes barely have any spin. I try telling myself to adjust, but it doesn't work :( How to deal wit it?

Push Timing - 15:56

Jim: To help keep the push low should I hit the ball right off of the bounce as it is rising? or at the top of the ball's travel? or just after the top of the ball's rise on the way down?

Time Between Points - 18:29

Tom: I am wondering if there is a "time-rule" for getting the ball back for serving. I am 70 years old, and have a heart and lung condition, which allows me to play each point with strong smashes but at the end of the rally I am exhausted.

Practicing What You Play - 20:26

Tushar: I have become a very offensive player and I usually do 3rd ball attack and attack on services with flicks and topspins. I hardly use push almost not. My club member asked me why I practice it when I don't use it in a game.

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