Show #252 - Doubles Serving Tactics

7 years ago

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On This Day - 1:30

Jiang Jialiang and Kenta Matsudaira

European Olympic Qualification Tournaments - 2:29

These are starting tomorrow and we discuss the format and the main athletes who will by vying for a spot in Rio.

#PQOTD - 7:08

Who is your favourite European Mens and womens player?

Last #PQOTD - 7:30

What do you serve at match point?

Where is Panda? - 10:15

Ali: I miss panda where is he????

Returning a Fast Serve to the Middle - 10:50

Viktor: How do I attack a long sidespin serve that goes straight in the middle? It's pretty fast and I can't get in any position for the topspin. How can I attack effectively? I don't have the reflexes to move my feet and make the stroke in time, help :)

Waldner in His Prime - 12:49

Viktor: I watched Waldner's matches in his prime, he had great speed, power, control and etc. I think I agree about what you said before that he could play against modern players if he was in their era. I think Waldner even in his prime would have a bit of trouble.

Polish Open - 14:11

Viktor: When is the next World Tour?

Power of Practice Switch - 14:35

Viktor: Do you think you can switch your power of practice skills? Jeff trying spin catcher and Alois trying table tapper in 30 days?

Who Serves in Doubles - 15:52

Johan: Could you please clarify the doubles rules? I've understood that you serve against different players every set. What determines who serves first in the sets after the first one? Do you change the serving order in the deciding set?

Doubles Serving Tactics by Chinese Players - 19:10

John: I would like to know why serving in doubles is so much less dynamic than in singles. So what is the reason for using a much weaker and easy to read serve when they can comfortably use their normal serves to win the point.

Training Breaks - 22:27

Vishnu: I used to play 5hrs a day (morning and evening) and I play basic skills of table tennis quite nicely, but if I take an interval for more than two days, I find it difficult to play even the basics. It takes me weeks to regain my game.

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