Show #249 - Frustratingly Close to Winning

8 years ago

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Drill Of the Week - 1:02

Multiball: One push one topspin

Power Of Practice Countdown - 4:37

There's only 1 day left so get your last practice in and send us a video with the hashtag  #PowerOfPractice  

Last #PQOTD - 7:58

What inspires you?

#PQOTD - 10:59

Do you have a good idea for a #PQOTD? Because I am running out!

This Day in History - 12:35


General Approach for Returning Serve - 13:18

Mike: Hi Alois and Jeff. Since there are so many ways one can serve the ball, even perform different movements for the same serve, what is the best way to read and react to all these different styles in order to perform a proper return?

Playing New Players - 17:07

Ilia: I have a backhand flick that is effective against some players, but not against the others. In a tournament I often face opponents I'm unfamiliar with. How to find out whether my flick is going to work against them without losing too much points?

Returning a Short Backspin Serve - 19:22

Viktor E: How do I return a short sidespin backspin serve with heavy spin? When I push it goes into the net or the ball goes to the side . Is it the angle of my bat that's wrong? I lose points because of this. I can push backspin easily but I can't do it now. Help.

Blade or Rubber - 21:27

Bhavesh: Does the blade of the bat effect the performance or is it only the rubber which effects the performance?

Two Handed Backhand - 22:59

Toby: I have just started to play at a club and I also play at home. I play with a two- handed backhand in Tennis and I was wondering if you are allowed to play competition with a two handed backhand?

Frustratingly Close to Winning - 25:38

Rohan: I have an opponent I constantly lose to. Just couple of points every time. Our skill sets are almost at the same level. My issue is I am not able to analyze where I am going wrong and how I can pull the game to my advantage. It's really frustrating!

Were You Famous? - 29:46

Viktor: This question is for Jeff. How did you meet Alois and were you ''famous' before meeting Alois?

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