Show #248 - Dealing With Backspin

8 years ago

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Oceania Olympic Qualification - 0:59

6 Olympic spots were decided over the weekend from the Oceania Region

Qatar Open - 5:57

Ma Long back in the winners circle and Dimitrij Ovtcharov also in good form.

Last #PQOTD - 10:11

Should participation awards be given out?

#PQOTD - 15:18

What inspires you?

Technique Tuesday - 15:36

Giddy Up Footwork Return

On This Day - 18:32

Some Birthdays plus we discuss yesterday's "On This Day!"

Back to the Club - 21:20

Lukas: I went to my club and played a couple of times last week, it was a lot of fun! Of course I was a little rusty, but I got warmed up pretty quickly. My rubber felt a little fast but my coach didn't think that it was a problem. Found anything on Borgar Haug?

Flat Lifted Ball Off Backspin - 22:21

Esi: Both players are using inverted rubbers. Player 1 does a heavy backspin. Player 2 put his bat horizontally under the ball and lift the ball over the net, only upward action, no forward action. What spin does player 1 receive and how should he attack?

High Backspin Ball - 24:00

Kristian: When my friend returns the ball high using his pimples rubber I am having trouble smashing it. He returns the ball deep on the table and if I just try and smash it, it goes into the net. If I try to use some topspin I hit it out.

Extreme Backspin - 26:45

Romeo: How do I lift a push that is loaded with backspin? I had my bat horizontally, my arm move as fast as it can go, had a slightly pushing contact, but still I couldn't lift it. It is a really long and fast push and it made me lose an important match.

High Backspin Balls - 29:10

Spamm20: How to deal with high and strong backspin balls?

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