Show #247 - Engaging the Legs

7 years ago

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Oceania Olympic Qualification - 1:08

We discuss the results in the tournament so far.

Throwback Thursday - 5:13

Ready Set Move 

This Day in History - 8:35

And escapologist's birthday

Last #PQOTD - 9:17

What is your favourite venue to play?

#PQOTD - 11:20

Should participation awards be given out?

Power Of Practice - 12:39

We discuss our own and other PingSkiller's progress as we near the end of the challenge. Make sure to film your practice and send us a video with the hashtag  #PowerOfPractice  

Sidespin Serves - 15:09

Harveer: How can i nail a side spin serve?

Followup Position - 17:34

Ilia: I noticed that many top men players play the first topspin after a serve close to the table and immediately jump back to play the followup. Is that something aspiring offensive players also should do?

Control Ratings of Bats - 20:06

Bavesh: I had a bat with good control, however I bought a new bat and it's control was 60 whereas the previous bats control was about 90, but I didn't really feel any difference in the control of both the bats. What does the control of the bat indicate?

Good Cheap Bats - 22:10

Harveer: What is a good bat thats under $50? Thanks for answering my question before :D

Table Tennis Tables - 24:21

Harveer: Whats the real difference between $100 tables and $550+ tables?

Engaging the Legs - 26:59

Eugene: During a match the ball isn't always changing position. The opponent will sometimes place the ball in the same spot, the legs do almost no movement. Suddenly, they change direction and you will be off balance. How do I engage my legs?

Better Backhand Than Forehand - 29:04

Bryan: My backhand is better than my forehand and I want to develop my forehand. When I'm far from the table my forehand loop usually is out or net including the forehand counter hit. Can you suggest me a way to improve?

First Ping Pong Table - 31:35

Harveer: How much were your guy's first ping pong tables?and lol same i just started going to clubs and they have donic Championship TC's while i have a $100

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