Show #245 - Who is Karakasevic?

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 0:48

Can you play a musical instrument? If so, is it relevant to your Table Tennis.

#PQOTD - 4:10

After the results in Kuwait who are your picks for the 2 Men and 2 Women to represent China at the Rio Olympics?

This Day in History - 4:39

Marcel Marceau was born

Power Of Practice and Topspin the Movie - 6:18

Rate how Alois is doing with the spin catcher compared to Marcos Freitas

Technique Tuesday - 8:22

Forehand Follow Up

Medium Pips - 12:02

Mike: Hi guys! Last weekend I was playing a player at the club who was using medium pips on his forehand. I never played against someone who used medium pips. What are some tactics that I could use that is effective against this type of rubber?

Cleaning Chinese Rubber - 15:35

Stan: Chinese Rubbers are well-known for their tacky topsheet. I have a DHS Neo Hurricane 3 (Black) for my Forehand. Any tips on how to maintain its tackiness, cause it seems to wear off easily after being bought.

Samsonov's Serve - 17:19

Johnny: I've always been wondering what type of serve is Samsonov's serve?

Who is this Karakasevic? - 19:49

Johan: Aleksandar Karakasevic. Please explain who this guy is! Why does ZJK have such problems with him? He must be doing some things right to keep his opponents so out of balance. His variation of return is superb.

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Forehand Followup Master Class

Samsonov's Serve

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