Show #244 - Playing Against Long Pimples

7 years ago

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Monday Tournament Wrap - 3:14

Kuwait Open where Zhang Jike proves Ma Long can be beaten

Last #PQOTD - 7:08

What is more important, talent or hard work?

#PQOTD - 10:46

Can you play a musical instrument? If so, is it relevant to your Table Tennis.

Power of Practice Competition - 11:08

Alois is improving gradually and Jeff is still aiming for a 5 minute table tapper rally.

On This Day - 14:52

A futuristic birthday is revealed

Playing Long Pips - 16:22

Hatem: Nothing frustrates me more than long pips, especially blockers . If I attack with with spins I find the ball landing either in the net or going outside. If I do not attack they attack with "snap" shots and the ball comes back in a weird way.

Sidespin or Topspin? - 19:37

Marcin: If a ball comes to me in a quite almost straight path but then after impact kicks off strongly to the side, do you call it sidespin or topspin? How do you call it? The ball coming circles sideways but the path of the spin is north south.

Backhand Topspin Grip - 22:35

Fayad: I can do the forehand topspin quite smoothly, but on the other hand when I try to do the Backhand topspin I can't get a strong grip on the racket. My bat seems to fly off my hand in the direction of my swing. If I hold the bat too stiffly.

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