Show #243 - Serving, Spinning, and Smashing

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 0:56

Have you ever won a tournament?

#PQOTD - 2:57

What is more important? Talent or hard work?

Power of Practice Competition - 3:20

Choose the table tapper of the spin catcher and practice for 5 minutes a day for your chance to win a premium membership.

Friday Funnies - 5:47

A fun game to play inspired by my kids

This Day in History - 7:20

Some fun facts about Australia today

Spin and Chopping - 9:04

Mike: Hi Alois and Jeff...How do you get the best spin on a chop during a rally at various lengths on the table? Do you keep the tension more relax on shorter chops and what is the best spot to hit the chop on your paddle like towards the end or middle?

Short Soft Serves - 12:19

Stan H: What do you have to say about very very short soft serve that only just gets over the net on the centre line?

Serving Swing Spin - 14:51

Stan J: In serving, does it affect the spin and speed of the ball if you stop your arm during the swing on contact to the ball as oppose to completing the swing of your arm?

Sidespin Serve Smashes - 16:52

Stuart: I am having a problem with my third ball. I do a deceptive side spin top spin serve and they push the ball so it comes back very high with backspin and when I attack it I am only hitting the table about 60% most of the time going long when I miss.

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