Show #240 - Topspin Tomahawk Serve

7 years ago

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Power Of Practice - 1:06

We discuss our progress with the Spin Catcher and Table Tapper

Last #PQOTD - 2:52

Should you let your kids beat you at Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 7:05

Who has a better backhand Liam Pitchford or Zhang Jike?

This Day in History - 7:40

The first Internet Domain Name was registered in 1985

Technique Tuesday - 8:46

Backhand Topspin to Topspin

Contact Point for Topspin on the Tomahawk Serve - 11:42

Il: Where should I contact the ball for topspin serve (more up-spin) with tomahawk service? Bottom, middle or top of the ball? 

Age to Start - 14:03

Shiva: i started playing table tennis at the age of 19 and now i am 23 and by the time i learned the proper strokes its already too late.... is it impossible to follow the game if its too late or do you think if there are chances for me to excel.

Changing Bats - 17:09

Daniel: Can one change bats during a tournament? If so, how often? I would think not in the middle of a single game, but I have no idea. 

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