Show #239 - Injuries and the New Plastic Ball

7 years ago

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#FridayFunnies - 0:53

What is the best animal to be in Winter?

Last #PQOTD - 1:56

What is the most difficult thing about Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 4:35

Should you let your kids beat you at Table Tennis?

Power of Practice - 4:55

Alois and Jeff practiced together!

This Day in History - 6:29

Romeo and Juliet's Anniversary and Steve Dainton's Birthday

Injuries and the New Plastic Ball - 7:40

Mike: Hi guys! :) I'm beginning to hear more about injuries that may have been caused with the plastic ball, because rallies are longer and there is a higher demand on power rather then tactical finesse. What do you guys think, and should training be adjusted?

Body Imbalance - 9:36

Binder: Hi Alois, playing table tennis on a regular basis will surely result in a body imbalance because of using one side more than the other. Do you think this might cause injuries long term?

Long or Short Forehands - 11:33

Il: Why do some professional players play with longer movement for forehand topspin and other - shorter? Which are the advantages with longer movements?

One Bat or More - 14:22

Devanathan: I'm just-ahead-of-a-beginner level but don't use the same bat every time. Should I stick to one single bat? If so, what would be your "blade and rubbers" suggestion for me?

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