Show #237 - Standing on the Table

8 years ago

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Power of Practice Competition - 1:23

We give some more updates on the progress of ourselves and other PingSkillers. Get involved yourself by picking the spin catcher or the table tapper and practicing for 5 minutes a day throughout March.

Last #PQOTD - 4:38

What is the best rubber around at the moment?

#PQOTD - 6:47

How old is too old to be a world class player?

Drill of the Week - 7:17

How to Practice Receiving

This Day in History - 11:31

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Standing on the Table - 16:18

Jadon: Can people stand on the table after winning the match?

Unstable Forehand - 18:14

Christian: I realized that my forehand topspin is quite unstable.Sometimes i end up lifting the ball too much and off the table sometimes the contact is too flat sometimes the ball goes into the net. Can you provide me with some key factors to work on?

Dealing with No Spin - 22:28

Emmanuel: I struggle in not knowing if the ball has no spin, is there a way I can judge the ball. How do I practice hitting flat shots. Should my arm swing be restricted?

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