Show #235 - Power Of Practice Week 1

7 years ago

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World Teams Championships Wrap - 0:45

We discuss the final results from the 2016 World Championships with China once again dominating.

Last #PQOTD - 6:17

Does progress happen in a straight line?

#PQOTD - 9:55

What was the outstanding performance of the World Team's Championships?

This Day in History - 10:21

Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone

Power of Practice - 11:26

We ask you to get involved and discuss lessons learnt from the 1st week.

Practice Matches Leading Into a Tournament - 17:17

Mike: Hi Guys, I'll be playing in a tournament next month. I play twice a week at the club, sometimes I use practice games to work on my strokes or try different shots. I tend to loose more when I do this. Should I continue to do this or focus more on winning?

Bouncing on Your Toes - 19:55

Ilia: I've just watched a match of Petr Korbel against Patrick Franziska. I noticed that Petr often intensively bounces on his toes while Franziska tosses the ball and serves. Why is he doing that?

Backhand Style - 22:37

Leonardo: Is an aggressive backhand style considered an effective style at high levels of play?

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