Show #228 - Is the Backhand Sidespin Flick Overrated?

7 years ago

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Hi everyone, we had a few Internet issues in the first half of the show but you can still get some good advice by listening. And it picks up in the second half of the show. Here's what we discussed on the show. Please enjoy.

Last #PQOTD - 1:05

What is your favourite serve and why?

#PQOTD - 5:24

Can Werner Schlager and Zoran Primorac match it with the big guns at the World Teams championships? This is Schlager's 17th World championships and Primorac's 18th.

This Day in History - 6:48

Steve Jobs

Serving Short with the Pendulum Serve - 8:14

Spamm20: Which is the best place to put the pendulum serve at, when i want to serve it short?And any tips on how to do that (serving short and putting enough spin under it?) Thanks

Sidespin Backhand Flick - 11:21

Marcin: Is the Sidespin Backhand flick overrated?

Forehand Against Backspin - 15:10

Dirk: Is it necessary to start with forehand topspin under the table even when you answer to heavy backspin or is it possible to produce the speed to receive a heavy backpsin over the table when you speed up in a shorter range of motion and hit at peak?

Serve Challenges - 18:18

Filippo: I really enjoyed the new pendulum service video, especially the targets set which are very helpful. Would it be possible to indicate what targets to set for all other types of service? That would be very useful.

Drill of the Week - 20:57

Third Ball Attack

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