Show #227 - Tournament Warm Ups

7 years ago

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Monday Tournament Wrap - 2:41

Australian Olympic Qualification and African Olympic qualification

Last #PQOTD - 7:23

Who is the best Para Table Tennis player?

#PQOTD - 10:07

What is your favourite serve and why?

This Day in History - 10:41

George Washington and Steve Irwin

Placement in Training - 11:45

Ilia: Hi Alois & Jeff. When should I start to heavily focus my training on placing the ball to wide corners and elbow? How can I make sure that I am ready for that?

Shakehand v Penhold - 14:01

Zac: What benefits are there in the "shake hands grip" and the "pencil grip" and in your experience is it hard to get used to playing someone with the opposite grip.

Adding More Spin - 17:45

Hao Jun: Hi, I am having the problem of adding more sidespin or backspin to either my pendulum serve or reverse pendulum serve or the backhand serve or the reverse tomahawk serve, and the only serve where I can have the most sidespin is the tomahawk serve.

Warm Up Before Tournament Match - 19:44

Carl: With all the incoming tournament activity upcoming for me, a question that popped into my mind was: which of these two situations would be more optimized for a warm up before the tournament starts? Warm up and rest or warm up and play straight away?

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