Show #224 - Backhand Footwork

8 years ago

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Searching PingSkills and Instagram - 0:46

We've now got a search bar and follow us on Instagram @pingskills

This Day in History - 2:26

17th February - Some famous birthdays

Last #PQOTD - 4:45

Who is your nemesis?

#PQOTD - 6:45

Should you apologise for a net or an edge?

Drill of the Week - 7:05

Backhand Footwork

Table Tennis Balls and the Backhand Sidespin Flick - 9:54

Spamm20: Can a tt ball get worn out?And any tips how i can make a backhand flick with more side spin?

Plastic Balls and Long Pimples - 12:21

Uditi: With the introduction of the plastic ball, what difference would it make while playing against a phantom? Should the waiting time be more or less as compared to the old ball?

Sealing your Blade - 14:14

Anibal: Does sealing my blade with varnish enhance the performance in any way, or is it just to protect it? and is it really necessary or not?

Using Server's Spin - 17:00

Sai: Can i learn how to use the opponent's spin serve against him.

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