Show #223 - Defenders Receiving Tactics

7 years ago

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Last  #PQOTD - 1:42

What gets you frustrated on the table?

#PQOTD - 4:59

Who is your nemesis?

This Day in History - 5:17

Zhang Jike and John McEnroe

Technique Tuesday - 6:46

Physical Warm Up

Changing Your Rubber - 10:20

Spamm20: How often should i change my rubbers if i want good results from it?I dont need maximum power, but when should i change it to keep a good level.I am using normal inverted rubbers.

Waldner Retires - 12:25

Viktor: What's your thoughts about Jan Ove Waldner officially retired from Table Tennis, for me it's sad and he could play alot more matches if he could.

Hitting the Table - 13:13

Ilia: When you trained full time, how often did you hit a table with your racket? I'm currently having a streak: I hit the table three times in last two weeks.

Defenders Return of Serve - 14:13

Sasha: When an attacker serves short, should a defender return short or does he have to return long by default.

Receiving Position - 16:23

Haroon: Where should you stand when your opponent does his service? close to table or a bit far? help with the smash too.

Long Pimple Rubbers - 19:52

Yap: Does the long pimple rubber hate spin like the short pimple rubber and if the long pimple rubber does a topspin stroke off a topspin, will it still have backspin?

Returning a Low Backspin Serve - 21:59

Viktor: Do you have a tip?, I have problem against a strong attacker, he does a long and low backspin serve that goes just below the table but when can''t get any power in that position so he he either smash or forehand and backhand topspin, Help me here please

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