Show #221 - Preparing for a Tournament

7 years ago

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Monty Hall Problem - 0:50

Would you switch doors?

This Day in History - 3:28

Greg Norman is born

Drill of the Week - 4:34

Serve... return... catch...

Last #PQOTD - 7:12

How do you block out distractions when you are playing?

#PQOTD - 14:54

What are your ideal playing conditions?

Playing Left Handers - 15:27

Spamm20: How should i play against an left handed player as an right handed player?

Your Equipment - 17:46

Spamm20: What rubbers and blades do you use yourself?

Topspin Against Spin - 18:13

Invincible: How to smash/ do a top spin when your opponent served with a spin on the ball? I usually hit the net when I try to.

Topspin Going Long - 19:34

Jimmy: My forehand topspin smash keeps missing the table a little too long. What is the best way to consistently shorten the distance on this shot? When a ball is hit with a good speed to you, how exactly can you deaden the ball so it doesn't go out?

Durability of Balls - 21:24

Hassan: What is the duration of an average table tennis ball? I noticed that there is some sort of powder covering most balls that can't be removed by rubbing it with the hands, however, this powder ensure great amount of spin.

Preparing for a Tournament - 23:29

Joshua: Hi guys I have a tournament and i dont think im going to play well because of my FH. It is not consistent in my opinion my BH is much better than my FH.Please help me when my FH works its a really good like my BH do you have any advice for me?

Tactics Against a Defensive Player - 26:32

Invincible: How to play against your opponent when you play as an offensive player and he plays as an defensive player all the time and can handle with everything you do?

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