Show #220 - Returning Smashes

7 years ago

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On This Day - 0:57

Volleyball and Yodeling

Technique Tuesday - 2:50

I Can't Return that smash

Last #PQOTD - 5:18

How should you approach training sessions to get the most benefit?

#PQOTD - 10:29

How do you block out distractions when you are playing?

Sponge Thickness - 11:03

Mike: Back in the day (mid 80's to early 90's) I played with rubber which had 2.5 thickness. Nowadays, the sponges go up to 2.2 or max. If thicker sponges means more speed and spin then why did the sponges get thinner?

Growing Taller - 13:23

Viktor: Do you know how I can grow taller? I am 177 cm tall, my mother is 166 cm, my big brother is 179 cm and Dad is 182 cm. Can I increase my height by 5 cm if possible? I turn 16 in march and I want to be taller.Does GH help? But I am not allowed by my Mom.

Serving with Short Pips on Forehand - 14:30

Mark: I've decided to try short pips on the forehand. However effective service requires my inverted BH side, and my most practiced serves (tomahawk backspin) are forehand. Is it better to learn and practice backhand serves or add a twiddle to my serves?

The Best - 16:43

TomRajMC: What is the best PingSkill?

Taking Hand Away When Serving - 18:59

Yap: My opponent always leave their hand up till the last minute when the ball comes down then they move away their hand so I have only a little time to watch the contact of the ball. He did not break the rules as he moved his hand away at the last minute.

Staying Low in the Rally - 22:24

Fabio: I struggle keeping the right crouched stance. I start being a bit "jumpy", coming up somehow and stopping to have the more efficient and correct compact stance. Is there any specific physical conditioning that you would suggest?

I Still Want To Be Taller - 25:45

Viktor: Does bar hanging make me taller?

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