Show #217 - Bruce Lee vs Forrest Gump

7 years ago

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This Day in History - 2:41

Facebook was founded

Last #PQOTD - 4:16

Who is better Forrest Gump or Bruce Lee?

#PQOTD - 5:45

Do you respond better to praise or criticism?

Throwback Thursday - 6:22

Keeping the ball low

Learning Swedish - 10:49

Viktor: What do you think about I send 5 Swedish words that you should exercise at 3 weeks? Then come five new words and then 5 new after 3 weeks. I can send Swedish words that you can practice this year. what do you think? Think about and send a private message

When to Upgrade Equipment - 12:22

Christian: I wonder when is the right time to upgrade equipment. I was wondering if Stiga Clipper CC with Stiga Royal would be good or too advanced for me. and also I want an RPB rubber . Do you have some recommendation?

Struggling with Consistency - 15:47

Keagan: I am lacking quality practice and when I do play I struggle a lot in consistency in all strokes and I sometimes I get frustrated. Is there anything that you can suggest that I can do by myself to help and if slowing down might help?

Tracking the Ball During Serve - 20:20

Valerie: I am a beginner and I was wondering how to track the ball during serve. Should I track the ball until I hit it with the bat? When I track it I feel like I am in the wrong position, I need to watch the net and the opponent to have reference points.

Robots to Play Matches Against - 23:53

Viktor: Is there a robot that I can play matches against? If so, can I choose a level that fits mine?

How Many Balls for Service Practice - 25:09

Spamm20: If i want to train my serve, how many balls should i get so that i can train seriously?

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