Show #214 - Reverse Backhand Serve

7 years ago

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Send Us Your Reverse Backhand Serve

In the show we were asked why you don't see the reverse backhand serve. It's a great question and we want to see the reverse backhand serve in action. So get out on the table and film your best reverse backhand serve, upload it to YouTube, and then send us the link via email or by contacting us.

Monday Tournament Wrap - 1:09

German Open

Last #PQOTD - 7:37

Ma Long or Jan Ove Waldner?

#PQOTD - 9:50

Should there be an International "Liha" Table Tennis league.

This Day in History - 10:34

Shuttle Columbia

Twiddling or Moving - 11:51

Ilia: Sometimes I play with with long pimples on BH. Suppose that the ball goes to my forehand and I want to chop with LPs because my FH rubber is too fast for chopping. What is the best way to do that: twiddle the bat or take a step and use backhand?

Hungarian Style - 13:22

Il: I watched Istvan Jonyer. Sometimes he hit the ball with topspin without elbow forearm action. He use only straight arm and wrist. Is it true or am I mistaken? I want to know about this Hungarian style.

Reading Spin in the Rally - 16:08

Daniel: How do you know what spin is coming at you so can prepare for it in the middle of a rally? Should you watch the opponent and his or her stroke to anticipate the direction of spin before the shot is even hit? Or should you just watch the ball?

Reverse Backhand Serve - 18:34

Marcin: Why is it that you never see a reverse backhand serve. Means moving the hand (right handed player) from right to left. It's easy to do and gives the opposite sidespin to the traditional backhand serve. I did that kind of serves in my schooldays.

Returning Power Loops with Long Pimples - 20:26

Ilia: how to return a powerloop with long pips?

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