Show #213 - Practising Serves at Home

8 years ago

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Friday Funnies - 0:48

NBA Finals

Last #PQOTD - 2:04

Should equipment be standardised? That is, everyone has to use he same type of racket?

#PQOTD - 6:35

Ma Long or Jan Ove Waldner?

This Day in History - 29th of January - 6:55

Carl Benz

Jeff vs Alois - 8:10

Viktor: When were the last time you two played against each other? Who won? I guess Jeff ;)

Jan Ove Waldner's Ranking - 8:53

Do you know where Jan Ove Waldner is ranked in the World? Or he isn't because he retired from competition?

Practicing Serving Alone - 9:26

Jawad: I wanted to practice those awesome serves you do in the videos. But the problem is I am alone and I do not have the table . So what should I do? I do go to club but I want to practice serve alone at home.

Waist Rotation on Forehand - 12:03

Eugene: I have a problem with the waist rotation when lifting a backspin. I can't rotate forwards. It just seems weird. It's normal to rotate forwards on the forehand topspin against block but the backspin just feels very weird.

Singles v Doubles Players - 15:25

Rama: I would like to ask you whether a good singles player can always be a good doubles player. What special set of skills would be required to play doubles. If so kindly specify.

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