Show #211 - China at the Olympics

7 years ago

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Fiji Report - 0:48

Alois recently visited Fiji for a Para Table Tennis Camp.

This Day in History - 3:16

Mozart and TV

Last #PQOTD - 4:33  

Do you Snapchat?

#PQOTD - 5:44

What do you do when you lose?

Drill of the Week - 6:10

Multiball backspin to Topspin

Olympic Qualification Process - 7:53

How does this affect China?

Adjusting for Different Length Balls - 13:49

Mike: Hi Alois and Jeff, I am decent with looping the ball long and short with my backhand, but with my forehand, shorter balls where I have to move up and then set up, I end up hitting the ball into the net or off the table. Any suggestions?

Serving to Long Pips - 16:07

Ilia: I often meet players that have a long pips or an antispin rubber and use that side exclusively for service receive. What kind of serve can be useful against them?

Being Ready for the Next Ball - 17:55

Christian: My coach tell me "you have made a good forehand topspin and you're happy! You look at the opponent and you are not ready for the next shot." And this exactly what happens now during matches. This is the same with my services.

Losing a Big Lead - 21:26

Steve: Quite often I am 2 games in front and then lose the next 3 or I am 2 games behind win the next 2 to level at 2 all and then lose the 5th. Can you help me Alois with some good advice?

Losing to Players With No Form - 25:09

Sachin: We play for 2 hour daily for a year about now.But 6 months ago I started learning basic techniques like push, drives, loops. Now I am trying to play attacking game in practice match but most of the time I lose to the people with no form.

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