Show #208 - Table Tennis: The Dangerous Sport

8 years ago

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Friday Funnies - 1:05

What is a horse's favourite sport?

This Day in History: 18th of December - 2:51

Famous Birthdays

Last #PQOTD - 4:51

Should there be a time limit between points?

#PQOTD - 7:06

What is your first memory of playing Table Tennis?

Spinny Forehand Flick - 8:13 

Ilia: In your forehand flick tutorial, you show that the contact for it is flat, like a mini smash. I saw another tutorial, where a guy showed how to use wrist to create topspin on this flick. So what do you think about this spinny forehand flick?

Ma Long and Fan Zhendong - 10:38

Viktor: I watch the World Grand Tour recently and in my opinion Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong was the best one. Ma Long still the best currently but Fan will be the future World Champion I think. He's talented and skilled. He's only 18 so he can be way better.

Is Table Tennis Dangerous? - 11:36

Marcin: Recently while practicing I hurt my finger while trying to play a topspin off a half long backspin ball. Since my action was fast and big, the impact was heavy. I heard the story of Jeff hurting himself. Is Table Tennis a dangerous sport?

ITTF Prize Money - 15:05

Viktor: How much amount of money does the winners get when they win tours?

Watching the Ball While Serving - 17:08

Abhinav: While serving I realized I don't completely watch the ball as I toss it, my focus seems to be towards the other side of the table. I start to watch the ball as it starts to fall. Then I started to watch the ball from the start and it felt better.

Injuries for Alois - 21:02

Viktor: Alois, Have you hurt yourself that bad like Jeff?

Don't Wrestle Alois - 21:21

Viktor: Who would win in a wrestling match between you? ;)

Wang Hao's RPB Finish - 22:00

Romeo: Is it me, or is Wang Hao's finishing position for his backhand off? He loops the ball in a 45 degree angle but ends with his bat almost 90 degrees. Why is this?

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