Show #207 - The Forgotten Art of Pushing

7 years ago

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This Day in History: December 17 - 1:47

A birthday and Harold Holt

Last #PQOTD - 2:48

Who is favourite now for the Women's singles at Rio Olympics?

#PQOTD - 5:11

Should there be a time limit between points?

Throwback Thursday - 5:42

The forgotten art of pushing

Playing in a League of Pushers - 8:52

Tim: My league has lots of backhand pushers and I simply can't get enough topspin over this push as it has loads of backspin on it, therefore it goes in the net every time. Any suggestions? Thanks

Spin or Control - 11:34

George: There are players who prefer to spin or control the ball. Some find it difficult to choose between them. What should we pay attention to in this case?

Dealing with Crazy Forehands - 13:12

Ivan: I play with player who has a crazy forehand topspin he has a lot of topspin and is so fast I cant block that spin. I have Long Pimples on my backhand and it is very hard to block or cut that spin. How to create that spin and how to block it?

China vs Europe - 17:01

Connor: hey guys, what's your opinion on the Chinese playing like robots and the euro's playing more 'creative'? i believe the euro's play 'creative' cause they have to! , due to their poor footwork compared to the Chinese and therefore play unorthodox shots

Controlling Aggressive Backhands - 19:43

Ilia: Hi guys. When I play a controlled backhand topspin, I can make it land whenever I want. But when I try to make a powershot, it usually hits the table, but sprays all over the place. How to improve the control over its placement?

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