Show #204 - 2015 ITTF Star Awards

7 years ago

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ITTF Star Awards - 2:30

We discuss the winners from the 2015 ITTF Star Awards

#PQOTD - 7:28

How can ITTF improve the Star Awards for next year?

Last #PQOTD - 8:15

What ideas do you have to make PingSkills better?

Friday Funnies - 10:40

What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a table tennis table?

Maximising Spin on the Pendulum Serve - 11:21

Ilia: Hi guys. I have questions about maximising the spin on the pendulum serve. 1) When you use the wrist snap, do you consciously contract wrist muscles, or you completely relax it and it follows by inertia after the forearm action?

Waist Action for Pendulum Serve - 13:58

Ilia: 2) Some people advice to also turn the waist to add even more racket speed. However, I find it extremely challenging to do and usually generate less spin. What is your opinion? Can you do this for the reverse serve?

Crazy Spin - 15:10

Viktor E: In school we do table tennis round so we don't need to throw up the ball. There's a guy that does a pure heavy sidespin serve with scary speed, spin and power. Almost everyone can't block the serve. Even the most talented players can't control the spin.

Storing Rubber - 16:51

Peter: You mentioned it is best to store your rubber in a cool place, thank you. Is there an ideal temperature and would the refrigerator be silly? Cheers

Training v Tournament Balls - 17:53

Ernest: What's the difference between training and tournament balls? Do they have the same qualities? Training balls give a different feel compared to tournament balls and I take a while to adjust. Why do they produce training balls?

Waldner is Ageing - 20:56

Viktor E: I have been watching Waldner's last matches and It looks like Waldner is becoming slower and slower and worse and worse every time he plays. He wouldn't stand a chance at all against the current players.

What is Touch? - 21:38

Yoan: Hi Alois ! Everybody is talking about touch, but I've never heard someone explaining how we can improve it. How is it possible to have a better touch?

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