Show #201 - Expressing Excitement To Play Better

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:27

We announce yesterday's winner and discuss what has been the highlight of the first 200 Ask the Coach shows?

#PQOTD - 4:40

What changes need to be made to the Service Rule?

Technique Tuesday - 5:25

Long Pimple Attack against Backspin

This Day in History - 8:48

John Lennon

Coaching From the Sidelines - 11:22

Mike D: A new coaching rule will be implemented next October 2016 which will allow coaching in-between points, what do you think of this new rule and also, do you think this will open the door to legalize all side coaching during a match?

Forehand Progression - 15:17

Norman: Do you not only have to move your arm to generate forehand. Do you also have to move your body while doing forehand hit?

Expressing Excitement - 16:40

Tushar: Coach do you think that expressing our excitement after every point increases our chances of wining or getting more points?

Faster Bat Leading to Yips - 21:55

Romeo: I got a new fast blade along with fast rubbers (tenergy 05 and joola xplode) and now I can't seem to lift backspin balls properly. How do I overcome this problem? I think it is because I lost the skill, kind of like the Yips.

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