Show #200 - Competition Time

8 years ago

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#PQOTD Competition - 2:12

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#PQOTD - 3:15 

What has been the highlight of the first 200 Ask the Coach shows?

Last #PQOTD - 4:13

Who has been the most influential person in Table Tennis?

On This Day in History - 6:29

The cats in the cradle

Monday Wrap - 8:15

ITTF World Junior Championships

Safe Topspin - 11:33

Yap: If you do not know the amount of spin that is on the ball, is it safer to do the slow spinny loop.

Distinguishing Topspin From Backspin - 14:27

Ilia: Can you distinguish heavy topspin from heavy backspin by just looking at the rotating ball?

Samson’s Serve - 17:39

Julio: I'm a great fan of Vladimir Samsonov and Kalinikos Kreanga and i have a lot of curiosity about how he does this serve...

Improving Consistency - 21:00

Charles Anyon: I have been playing Table Tennis for around 3 months and would like to improve my consistency. What training drills do you suggest?

Playing a Blocker - 24:33

Viktor E: Do you have a tip against an annoying defender? Who blocks every smash and topspins I do.

Thinking of 8 Things - 26:38

John D: Once upon a time I read that there are eight things a table tennis player should do each time they hit the ball. Can you please refresh my memory as to what those eight things are? Thanks!!!

World Record Number of Counterhits - 29:58

Viktor E: What's the world record number of counterhits?

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Slow Spinny Topspin

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