Show #199 - Adapting to New Opponents

7 years ago

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Friday Funnies - 1:50

Why don't you see the German National team hiding under the table tennis table?

Last #PQOTD - 2:47

Can Table Tennis become the most popular sport in the World?

#PQOTD - 8:00

Who has been the most influential person in Table Tennis?

This Day in History - 8:21

A famous pole vaulter was born.

The Influence of the Free Arm - 11:25

Alois has been thinking about the importance of the free arm especially for the backhand block.

World Junior Championships - 15:08

Alois gives a quick update on the progress of this event.

Robot’s Heavy Backspin - 17:04

Abhinav: I played with my robot on heavy backspin. When the ball was long I found it hard to topspin, the ball stopped on the table. The same happened when I set it to do short serves. They were falling short of my reach. Is that amount of spin real?

Wanting to be a Chopper - 20:15

Kemal: I started table tennis last year. I have 20 hours training time in a week. I have forehand-backhand drive, forehand-backhand chop and forehand topspin. I want to be a chopper like Joo Sae Hyuk :) What is your advice coach?

Adapting to New Opponents - 23:02

Anish: I often play at my club very well but when it comes to play matches with new players I often keep playing with my style. Somewhere I feel I lose the match due to improper adaptability with new players and often fall short. Could you please help me?

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