Show #198 - Receiving serves in the "old days"

8 years ago

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This Day in History - 1:15


Last #PQOTD - 1:53

List the top 10 greatest Table Tennis Players of all time? If that is too difficult gives us your top 3.

#PQOTD - 7:08

Can Table Tennis become the most popular sport in the World?

Throwback Thursday - 7:29

Staying Alive

Position of Bat for Blocking - 11:00

Mike: The advice you gave me on blocking slow loops has helped. I have another question, I hold the paddle around the 3:00 position for the backhand as the ball nears my body, I noticed that when you hold the paddle, it's at the 12:00 position, which is better?

Returning Fast Serve to the Backhand - 13:52

Eugene: I am having a real trouble returning this serve. Not that I'm not use to the spin, but he usually serves long, fast and deep into my backhand and making me play an awkward shot.

Returning serves before year 2000 - 18:40

Yap: I am curious about how you return serves before 2000 when a new rule says that you cannot block the contact of the ball when serving. Before that you cannot watch the contact of the ball as your opponent may have blocked the contact with their arm.

The Angle of Your Bat - 21:48

Ed: How do you alter the angle of your bat, with your wrist or arm?

Forehands Down the Line - 24:59

Rex: I'm a leftie and I've learned to do a forehand slam, or some of one. I can hit hit one from left side to the right corner but can't do the same down the left side of the table.

Returning Long Serves - 27:03

Viktor: How can I attack a long heavy sidespin serve? Will a topspin help me?

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