Show #197 - Xu Xin's Forehand Sidespin Push

8 years ago

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This Day in History - 1:15

Famous Birthdays

PingSkills Website Updates - 2:32

Jeff gives an update on changes to the PingSkills website

ITTF World Junior Championships - 4:20

We discuss the latest results

Drill of the Week - 6:20

Forehand Opener

Last #PQOTD - 9:37

What is the best colour combination for a Table Tennis Table, Flooring and the Ball?

#PQOTD - 11:59

List the top 10 greatest Table Tennis Players of all time? If that is too difficult gives us your top 3.

Sore Shoulder - 12:33

Viktor: Can you say '' Sore Shoulder'' 15 times fast?

Show 200 - 12:51

Viktor: Have you seen my expectations for show 200 NOW ? :D

Starting Pendulum Serve - 13:31

Ernest: What is the easiest spin to do with a pendulum serve and what kind of spin should we learned first when practicing a pendulum serve over the table?

Contact Point for More Topspin - 15:10

Ilia: I watched your lesson on the spin & speed variation on forehand topspin. I have a question, though. Suppose that I want to put as much spin as I can on the ball. If so, should I brush the ball at the top of the bounce? Or when it starts to fall?

Xu Xin’s Forehand Sidespin Push - 19:00

Sulaiman: In this video at 0:13 and also at 1:32 XuXin does this service recieve that really confuses me how he does it. If you don't mind could you please go through how to carry out this recieve and also what spin he puts.

Robots as a Multiball Partner - 22:39

Viktor: Can you use a robot as a multi ball partner?

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