Show #196 - Disguising the Reverse Pendulum Topspin Serve

8 years ago

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1st of December 1997 - 1:09

The Planets Align

Last #PQOTD - 1:45

Who is the most famous person that you share a birthday with? No that doesn't include yourself!

Technique Tuesday - 4:28

Correcting Errors

Rio Test Event - 8:50

Lucas Melo went and gave us his report

#PQOTD - 11:22

What is the best colour combination for a Table Tennis Table, Flooring and the Ball?

ITTF World Junior Championships - 11:53

Alois gives an update with the US doing well.

Determining What Spin is on a Serve - 14:49

Viktor: Do you know a tip against a player with really good serves, the guy does a serve which goes down like backspin but goes up and side like a topspin sidespin. I can't see what's spin it's on the ball. when I try to attack it goes into the net. Help :)

Languages - 16:11

Viktor: How many languages can you speak on? Can you speak Swedish? :D

Best Players of all Time - 17:32

Viktor: How would you list the top 10 best/ greatest Table Tennis Players from the start to now?

Disguising the Reverse Pendulum Topspin Serve - 18:10

Nishant: My best serve is the reverse pendulum with backspin. After a while my opponent starts lifting it on so I do the reverse pendulum topspin serve expecting them to hit it out. My action is different. When I try the same action it becomes too obvious.

Fitness for Table Tennis - 22:00

Abhinav: I read that the top level international players are as fit as the top level soccer players. Is that true? I was also hearing an old interview of Timo Boll, he said that he trains for 2-3 hours a day playing and spends more time in the gym.

Bench Press - 25:04

Viktor: Do you think TT players bench press?

Time to Upgrade Rackets - 25:34

Austin: I am currently playing with Mark V that I have been using for a few years. I have started to become confident in my strokes, and I was wondering if there was a definite time when a player is consistent enough to be able to handle a better racket?

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