Show #195 - Xu Xin's Deceptive Serves

7 years ago

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Sweden v Denmark & Correction - 1:02

Alois talks about an interesting fact and corrects a small mistake in the last on this day in history.

On This Day in History - 3:00

30th November 1874 - Winston Churchill

Weekend Wrap - 3:33

ITTF World Junior Championships in Vendée, France.

Last #PQOTD - 6:30

Premium members: What is the best part of the PingSkills Premium membership? Free members: What would entice you to become a premium member?

#PQOTD - 8:00

Who is the most famous person that you share a birthday with? No that doesn't include yourself!

Trajectory - 8:34

Ilia: How does the trajectory of the ball affect the amount of spin on a loop? If I want to do a really spinny stroke, should I take the ball as late as possible, when it is falling?

Rain v Snow - 10:08

Brian: Why is it that rain drops but snow falls?

Older Beginners - 10:52

Chris: How can older beginners overcome their lack of mobility and speed?

Returning Aggressive Backhand - 14:31

Sathya: Hi coach can you show me how to return an aggressive backhand spin.

Xu Xin’s Deceptive Serve - 16:46

Yap: How to do this serve done by Xu Xin, it looks like a pendulum serve but I think is not really a pendulum serve. Is this serve a good serve? 

Generating Spin and Straight Throws - 19:31

Jean-Paul: How do you get lots of spin on your serve and how do you keep your palm flat for when you do your toss because I always either foul or have to search for the ball which is ideally avoided.

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