Show #191 - Choosing a Good Table

8 years ago

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Technique Tuesday - 2:31

Slow Spiny Topspin

On This Day - 5:53

See the introduction to hear about Monica Seles breaking records for prize money, and here Alois talks about Cricket legend Ian Botham

Last #PQOTD - 6:42

Have you ever played in a tournament? If you have, what was the last tournament you played in?

#PQOTD - 9:10

What is the hardest shot in Table Tennis?

Free Hand Position - 9:49

Sasi: Is there a perfect/professional position for the non-playing hand? I am a right-hander who keeps the left hand fully open (at chest level), and that looks a bit odd when I recorded a video for the first time. I have never seen 'myself' play before!

Show #200 Soon - 12:56

Viktor E: Did you see my expectations for your #200 show? :D

Choosing a Table to Buy - 14:08

Abhinav: I am thinking to buy a table tennis table for my home. I am not sure what to look for in them. I don't want a really high end table, just something which is not far off a standard table, so that I am not in a surprise when I play elsewhere.

Does the Grip Matter - 18:20

George: I was wondering for general knowledge does using a certain grip enhance your play? Or can you be just as good with any grip?

Options for Returning a Short Serve - 20:49

Viktor E: Do you have a tip, My opponent do a really spinny short and low serve and when I push it back even shorter he does a flick or a sidespin flick. If I try to attack he smash or topspin sidespin loop fast back and I'm not able to block in time. Help.

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