Show #190 - When Does Learning Sink In?

7 years ago

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Rio Test Event - 0:50

We discuss the results and the green floor

This Day in History - 4:15

Doctor Who?

Last #PQOTD - 5:12

How many years have you been playing Table Tennis? Have you ever taken a few years break?

#PQOTD - 7:17

Have you ever played in a tournament? If you have, what was the last tournament you played in?

Improving Your Short Wide Return - 7:45

Mike: Hi Alois and Jeff! Lately, I have been getting side under which goes out wide, and very short to my forehand. Sometimes I return it to my right or left with backspin. My opponent loops it to my backhand as I pull back. How do I improve that return?

Learning Lag Time - 10:57

Pasquale: When i practice technique in my session and then I play, is it normal that when i do that technique soon after I make many mistakes. But after a day or 2 without playing, I have improved the technique without doing anything? Is this normal?

Switching Strokes - 13:47

Bob: Hi! I seem to have challenges, going quickly from back to forehand and forehand to backhand. I tend to get stuck and am not back fast enough. Any ways to improve this?

Serving with Disguise - 16:55

Jakhongir: How to serve no spin but make the serve look like a spin serve?

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