Show #188 - Koki Niwa's Service Return

7 years ago

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On This Day - 1:53

Baby Rabbits?

Last #PQOTD - 2:15

Who or what is your favourite training partner?

#PQOTD - 4:40

What will take you further, Talent or Technique?

Throwback Thursday - 5:02

Physical Warm Up

Drills to Improve Reactions - 8:08

Chris: From your video anticipation, it seems that the only way to improve ones reaction times is experience. I was thinking: are there simply drills that improve reaction times?

Head Movement for Loop - 12:06

Tim: I have always had a bit of a problem when I loop, with my head going up/back, more on my forehand. I know that it is bad but I really struggle to break the habit. As a result I miss the ball quite a bit, and I also think it costs me power. Any tips?

Moving Early for Return of Serve - 18:20

Tam: Hi Alois, I notice against a lot of his opponents Koki Niwa moves to do a backflick from short forehand before the opponent has even contacted the ball, how does he know that the opponent won't play a fast topspin serve long to his forehand?

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