Show #185 - Aggressive Mindset

8 years ago

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In the show we're going to talk about all the interesting results from the Swedish Open. And we'll be answering lots of your questions about anticipation, footwork, variation, having an attacking mindset and more. Yes it is a big show.

On This Day - 1:30

A Soccer legend makes his debut

Swedish Open Wrap - 2:03

We discuss the interesting results and Zhang Jike's future

Last #PQOTD - 7:05

Who is the most famous player you have met in person?

#PQOTD - 9:15

Have you tried Boosting?

Anticipation and Moving Early - 9:40

Ilia: When do you judge the placement of your opponent's stroke and start moving into position? When he swings? Or when the ball leaves the racket? What do you think about guessing placement from previous experience with this player and start moving very early?

Moving Out Wide - 11:48

Ilia: Hi! I often notice that when moving into position for a relatively large distance, I make a few small side steps, instead of a single big one. How to make myself use a large step and is it worth doing?

How Much Time Do You Play Table Tennis? - 14:10

Rodrigo: Im probably out of context, but how much time do you play table tennis?

Observation About Dogs - 15:23

Brian: Brian: Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out of the window?

Varying Your Pushing - 15:53

Mike: Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed your weekend :) Sometimes I get into a chopping rally, normally I look for a ball to attack, but I can't attack every single chop shot. How do you vary spin during a chop rally in order to keep your opponent off balance?

Aggressive Mind Set - 18:05

Abhinav: For 2 months I have become more aggressive. I attack every possible chance I get. But sometimes I make mistakes and attack throng ball and lose the point. So what to do to correct this? And should I continue to be aggressive?

Head Tilt for Push - 19:47

Anup: My head tilts towards the side spin while returning, this makes me lose my sense of orientation if the rally continues. Is there any correlation?

Overcoming Spin for 3rd Ball - 21:10

Sam: I have recently mastered my service return, by hitting the same side of the ball that the server strikes to get a good return. My new problem is when I serve a sidespin serve, the 3rd ball is sometimes tricky. Should i hit the same side as the serve?

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