Show #184 - Friday Funnies or Black Friday?

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:20

Adam Bobrow (Table Tennis Commentator for the ITTF) - Do you like his style?

#PQOTD - 2:56

Who is the most famous player you have met in person?

On This Day - 3:20

Alois reveals an exciting fact about this day in history

Friday Funnies - 4:15

We tell some really really funny jokes that PingSkillers have told on our Facebook page.

Table Lighting - 6:08

Homero: My current lighting scheme in my pingpong table room is very poor, it is a regular 2 light bulb scheme. I want to improve my current situation: I want to know about the ideal number of light bulbs, its position relative to themselves and the table.

Serves for Shorties - 8:06

Eihaa: Hello I am ten years old and I found it difficult to do most of the serves because I am to small. What type of service do you think is the best for me. I am an all round player.

What Spin Should I Learn First? - 9:53

Dorian: I just started to play ping pong what type of spin should I try to learn first? Topspin, underspin, or side spin? Thanks.

Backhand Hook Shot - 11:35

Manfred: I still practise the hooking forehand topspin - works fine occasionally. I wonder whether the same is possible with the backhand or is there any technique to make the ball curve more sidewards?

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