Show #183 - Getting a Grip

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:03

What is the furthest you have travelled to play Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 2:59

Adam Bobrow (Table Tennis Commentator for the ITTF) - Do you like his style?

On This Day - 3:35

Alois talks about interesting topics that happened on this day in history.

Throwback Thursday - 4:35

Trick Serves Video

Older Players Switching to Funny Rubber - 6:45

Mike: Hi guys! I noticed since my return to table tennis last year, that some older players have switched to long or short pips, when they been playing with smooth rubber most of their lives. Why do you think that sort of switch occurs with older players?

Stop with the Banana Flick - 8:03

Ilia: I can effectively use the banana flip against weaker playerst. But against stronger ones I lose more points than I win with the flip. Moreover, a coach told me that this shot "is not my level" and I should forget about it. So should I really give up on it?

Receiving Serves Curving Into Forehand - 10:12

Eugene: I'm a right hander and I have a problem receiving left spin serves like tomahawk, reverse pendulum serve backhand serve etc that comes to my forehand. When left spin comes to my forehand my wrist becomes uncomfortable because I have to lay it back.

Returning Low Serves - 14:12

Venk: Some of my opponents are doing side spin service nearly at net height almost touching the net. If I return with a chop or push they can smash it easily. Can you please tell me what would be the best way to return this type of service?

Common Grips - 16:57

Randal: So is it completely wrong to use a grip that isn't the 2 most common grips? I play with my four fingers in the handle and my thumb pointed up on the backside. Is it still better to go against all my muscle memory and go with a more standard grip?

Two Finger Grip - 21:08

Krishna: Its normal that most of the players keep 1 finger at the backhand but I keep 2 fingers is there any side-effect or disadvantage can you help me out plzzz?

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