Show #182 - Is the Short Push Overrated?

7 years ago

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Where have we been? 0:45

Alois has been in Belgium!

This Day in History - 2:02

We talk about an American President

Performing Well in Competition - 2:35

Jeff's Rubik's Cube tournament and discussion on what it takes to perform at your best

Last #PQOTD - 6:45

Is serving too big a factor in Table Tennis? Should the serving rules be changed to make it easier for receivers?

#PQOTD - 11:04

What is the furthest you have travelled to play Table Tennis?

Tournament Wrap - 11:33

Women's World Cup

Losing to Kids - 13:46

Ilia: Something really related to table tennis :) Jeff, when you lose to kids in Rubik's cube competition, how do you feel?

Table Tennis Tables - 16:35

Osse02: Do you guys sell table tennis tables?

Watching the Ball - 17:08

Utkarsh: I generally rely on my peripheral vision during a rally. I lose many points because I'm not good at keeping a track on the ball. I tried watching the ball all the way but then I can't concentrate on placement and watching opponent's position.

Is The Short Push Overrated - 19:27

Ilia: I notice that short push is almost useless or even detrimental because for the short push to be effective it has to be tight otherwise it gives an opportunity for a lights-out attack. And to make it tight, one has to read the spin 100% correctly.

Best Way To Develop Strokes - 23:07

BWilson808: As a beginning player, I'm still trying to develop my strokes. Would you consider it more important to slowly progress in multiple strokes at once or direct all attention to learning one specific stroke at a time?

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