Show #181 - Serving Styles

8 years ago

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Drill of the Week - 1:05

2B 1F then moving it up to random.

Last #PQOTD - 4:26

How do you interact with us. Do you have a free PingSkills account, are you a premium member, do you watch on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter? Let us know.

#PQOTD - 6:36

Is serving too big a factor in Table Tennis?  Should the saving rules be changed to make it easier for receivers?

On This Day - 7:08

Social Celebrity

Anton Kallberg’s Serve - 9:00

Tam: What serve does Anton Källberg do and what makes it so effective?

Stefan Fegerl’s Serve - 10:48

Eugene: What serve is Stefan Fegerl doing. He swings his bat behind his body after the serve and look like a pendulum serve but the spin goes to Fegerl's forehand. What is the advantage of this serve?

Is It Time To Change Partners? - 15:23

Romeo: I decided to use the BH flick to receive the ball but I hit my bat and it broke. I glued it but it broke again. Can I still use it?

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How To Tell If Your Bat is Broken