Show #177 - Confusing Table Tennis

8 years ago

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On This Day - 1:36

Parachuting and Marty McFly

Last #PQOTD - 3:29

What frustrates you the most?

#PQOTD - 5:40

What is the best thing about Table Tennis?

Throwback Thursday - 6:12

Our First Ask the Coach Show question - Racket Height: Should the racquet be the same height as the ball or should it be lower than the ball?

Tactics Against Tall Players - 8:03

Viktor: Hey Pingskills I did listened to your advice about topspin into his middle but I do several fast topspins in the middle but all he does is either block it or a fast backhand sidespin flick to my BH or FH area and I'm not fast enough to return the ball :((

Confusing Returns - 9:49

Sandeep: When i play table tennis the opponent gives different serves and i often confuse which action to use and i lose my points so please advice

Confusing Serve - 12:31

Infernal Ping Pong Player: Do you know a service that is not too advanced but not too basic?

Vertical or Horizontal Forehand Stroke - 18:12

Ernest: 1. Can u tell me when we do more vertical stroke and when we do a more forward stroke in performing a topspin stroke? 2. Would you also show me the angle of the bat regarding my questions in number 1?

Playing Waldner - 22:28

Viktor: How would you stand against Waldner in a match?

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