Show #176 - Ma Long's Fast Straight Serve

7 years ago

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Drill of the Week - 2:19

Xs and Hs

Last #PQOTD - 5:16

Will anyone get close to Ma Long for the Rio Olympics Men’s singles title?

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong - 8:04

Ilia: During this season of the Chinese Super League Ma Long lost to Fan Zhendong several times. But on the international stage Ma Long overpowered him wihtout giving a chance. How could it be?

Effective Long Serves - 12:18

Mike: Hi Guys! Satoshi Aida in the men's semifinal in the US Open 2015, did a serve (7:48 on youtube) which was slow and long to the forehand. There were many instances where Wang Jinxin could not loop the serve, why was Aida's serve so successful?

New Rival - 15:46

Viktor: Hey PingSkills I have a brand new rival and guess what, He's really tall,,HUGE like a giant.He said he was 7'4 and 360 pounds and he's a very good player, he said he was the best in his club and been playing for 35 years,He topspins and smash on every ball, he has also won 15 tournamens, won 5 tours in a row at best. This will be a really tough challenge for me, His friend and him attemted 2500 counterhits in a row within 50 minutes, It's crazy!!!! I guess he's better than you guys on amount counterhits :)))

#PQOTD - 17:04

What frustrates you the most?

Twisting for Strokes - 17:37

Marv: I have just recently noticed that if I turn my body at the waist while hitting a topspin drive or loop against a backspin shot, I get better results. When I do these turns, I seem to get the ball back much more reliably. Does this sound right?

Ma Long's Fast Straight Serve - 20:26

Yap: How to serve a fast, straight and long ball to surprise the opponent? Ma Long serves that ball.

Topspins Hit Top of Net - 23:08

Nagaraj: I am currently working on my forehand topspin. I am not bad at it. I get most of the topspins on the table. I start at my thigh level and finish up above head level. What sometimes happens is, my topspin hits the top of the net and sails off.

Height - 24:43

Viktor: Do you know how much 7'4 is in cm?

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