Show #173 - Kenta’s Forehand Sidespin Block

8 years ago

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This Day in History - 1:34


#PQOTD - 2:13

How many times have you hit a "round the net” shot?

Last #PQOTD - 2:39

Who has the best footwork in Table Tennis?

Throwback Thursday on Friday  - 4:52

The Ping Pong Zone

Competition for a Quarterly PingSkills Premium Membership - 9:41

How many points will the qualifier win against Ma Long in the 1st Round of the World Cup Main Draw?

Illegal Serves - 13:27

Mike: Hi Guys, glad to see your back! I was watching the Gary Cup Finals from 2014, it was Eugene Wang vs Kewei Li. I noticed Kewei Li would toss the ball short and back towards him. Isn't that an illegal serve?

Penhold Backhand Attack - 14:56

Georgi: How to attack on backhand while playing with penhold grip?

Strategy for 11 instead of 21 - 16:38

Thijs: I currently play in 2 leagues. The league where I play every match, we play to 21. In the other league, I'm a reserve player so I don't play very often. There they play to 11. Next year, the first mentioned league will play up to 11. Any thoughts?

Kenta’s Forehand Sidespin Block - 19:10

Yazid: Hi alois . i watch the match kenta vs xu xin Kenta does a lot of sidespin blocks and one of those is forehand sidespin block . How to do forehand sidespin block.

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