Show #172 - Getting a Relaxed Swing

8 years ago

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Drill of the Week - 1:44

Ferly Forehand

Last #PQOTD - 5:00

What are your superstitions?

#PQOTD - 8:42

Who has the best footwork in Table Tennis?

Relaxed Swing - 9:01

Eugene: Should the topspin swing be relaxed and just let the arm flow through just like a golf swing? Or should I control it and use my own strength to swing? I personally think that relaxing the arm while swinging will have a more powerful stroke.

Varying Chops - 11:33

Hao: how do you increase and decrease the amount of backspin on the ball when doing either the chop (assuming that my forehand has and inverted and my backhand has long pips).

Blade Matters - 14:39

Sergio: I have seen you say that when building a bat that the blade doesn't matter too much. I guess I'd like to know why it is you say this. Don't different blades made out of different materials react differently?

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