Show #170 - How to do a Pendulum Topspin Serve

8 years ago

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Discussion - 1:06

Where have we been?

Last #PQOTD - 4:42

How often do you change your equipment?

This Day in History - 7:49


#PQOTD - 9:33

What have you been doing with your Table Tennis in the last month?

Tournament Wrap - 10:00

European Championships & Asian Championships.

Playing Danish Athletes - 14:39

Trevor: Tuning in from holiday in Denmark, did any of you play vs any Danish players in your career?

Gluing Rubbers - 15:46

Luke: Hey pingskills, how do you normally glue your racket? As a looper I tend to hit the ball with the edge of my racket. Eventually leaving me with a partially unstuck rubber which makes it hard to loop. Then I've got to glue it again... So continues the cycle

Forehand From Middle - 17:25

Ilia: Suppose that I'm a right-hander playing against another one. The ball is coming into my middle I and want to play a FH topspin to backhand. Should I adjust my feet position, or just try to turn my body more, like in a down-the-line shot?

Ball Toss on Serve - 19:29

Richard: I know you're not supposed to toss it towards you and that it should be as vertical as possible but do you toss it right in front of you or should it be tossed slightly to the side of you, as in towards your bat?

Topspin Serves - 21:51

Harshit: Can you help me with topspin serves? I can't figure out how to do it. If you can, it would be very helpful.

Follow Up Forehand - 25:29

Hao: When i rally I am unable to hit the second ball coming to me. I serve, my opponent pushes, I topspin the ball back, my opponent does the same and when that ball comes back to me, I would be unable to hit it. Is it because I play close to the table?

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